Lucy (2014) Film Review


Lucy follows the story of a Twenty-something female named Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) who ends up being caught in the middle of drug smuggling when her new boyfriend forces her to deliver a briefcase to a powerful Asian mob leader, Mr Jang (Choi Min-Sik). The delivery doesn’t go as planned for her or her boyfriend when he is shot dead and she is taken by Mr Jang. This all happens in the first 15-20 minutes and sets an interesting but exciting tone for the rest of the film.


As the story develops and Lucy uncontrollably ends up taking the drug that was in the briefcase, CPH4, the film shows Professor Samuel Norman (Morgan Freeman) lecturing on humans cerebral capacity. The story does rely on the myth that humans only use ten percent of their Cerebral capacity, and this is probably the largest negative the film has for me. The film travels at a rapid pace, and I think that was a deliberate move in trying to get across the dramatic enhancements that Lucy is experiencing from the CPH4 drug.

The film shows the harsh side of what it would be like to be able to use the whole of the brain’s cerebral capacity, whereas films like Limitless starring Bradley Copper showed a less serious side in the context of what life is about, that’s how I perceived it anyway. Due to Lucy’s enhancements she starts losing the human attributes as she can always work out the most logical answer or action to any situation. This leads to her convincing a French Policeman, Pierre Del Rio (Amr Waked) to help and stay with her as a ‘reminder’ of what it’s like to be human.

Lucy Scarlett

I found it fascinating with the route that the film took, despite Lucy knowing everything there is to know, she still didn’t know what to do with what she had. It almost seemed that there were a few morals to the film, even though Lucy never asked to be able to use more of her brain, many people wish they could and it shows that those should be careful of what they wish for, would being able to use the whole brain necessarily be a good thing? In terms explaining things in depth the film could help the audience more, there are many things left for the viewer to work out.

Morgan Freeman Lucy 2014

Lucy explains that Humanity is small in the context of the universe and many things have been made ‘smaller’ to suit the Humans, for example numbers and symbols, everything has been limited. This leads to Lucy claiming that the only thing that can be measured and prove existence is time. It leaves the audience really thinking, if you can look past the myth of humans only using ten percent of their brain capacity. The film concludes with so much depth but only some of that explained, for me this wasn’t a problem I like thinking and working things out in films. However could understand a sense of confusion towards it.

Lucy is a film I’d recommend for the thinkers of the world, and people that enjoy science fiction. It does have its negatives but is clever and maybe tries to be a bit too clever causing the depth to be unexplained. Some of the creative scene’s correlating humans and animals is very clever early on in the film.

Overall I felt the film had the depth and story to be great but lacked the explanations and time with the different levels of Lucy’s cerebral capacity. It was simply too short, which is a change from all the long 2 hour plus blockbuster films that have been released this summer. Scarlett Johansson was fantastic as she showed two completely different ends of the spectrum with her character, Morgan Freeman was Morgan Freeman, his part could have been larger but as always he was very convincing. Amr Waked’s character was near irrelevant, I didn’t dislike his character but he could have been any policeman in all honesty, his personality was never shown in much depth, he was mainly there for Lucy to use.


Rating: 7/10