Jurassic World (2015) Film Review

Jurassic World Great White (2)Jurassic World is a science fiction, adventure, action film set twenty two years after the original Jurassic Park on the fictitious island Isla Nublar, where InGen have opened the theme park Jurassic World. InGen was originally created by the CEO John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) in his image of being able to create Dinosaur clones from Fossilised DNA ember, after his death Masrani Corporation bought InGen and proceeded to build the theme park. Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) is the operations manager and also the Aunt of brothers Zach Mitchell (Nick Robinson) and Gary Mitchell (Ty Simpkins), who both come to visit her after not seeing her for seven years.

Jurassic World Indominus Rex eyeJurassic World’s chief geneticist Dr Henry Wu (B.D. Wong), the only character to have appeared in any of the other Jurassic Park films, and his team created all the dinosaurs in the park and also experiment with different DNA to create new dinosaurs. Due to the number of visitors to the park not being as high as expected the creation and reveal of a new dinosaur was expected to lead to a rise in visitor numbers. Prior to the disclosure of this new dinosaur named the Indominus Rex, which has a mixture of different DNA’s which are kept secret by Dr Wu, Simon Masrani (Irrfan Khan), CEO of Masrani Corporation visits the park. Claire struggles to spend time with her nephews due her highly demanding job and this leads to them being left with assistant Zara Young (Katie McGarth), throughout the day, her meeting with Simon Masrani leads to him requesting that the Indominus Rex’s enclosure to be checked by Owen Grady (Chris Pratt), an ex-military turned Velociraptor expert and instructor, to make sure that nothing to do with safety has been missed.

Jurassic World Pratt and HowardThe film follows Owen and Claire who spend the majority of the film flirting, searching and running away on a mission to find Zach and Gary. Throughout the film their relationship grows and they end up becoming a team that work well together, there is no doubt that Chris Pratt improves this film with his comedic timing and serious attitude when needed. It was a good mixture, serious enough to make the character intelligent and believable, but also fun enough to make the character likable and exciting. Bryce Dallas Howard’s character was predictable but good, the stereotypical character that seems uptight, organised and strict but really has an exciting and risky personality when her life is threatened by a killing machine.

Jurassic World BrothersUnfortunately, Zach and Gary’s relationship wasn’t as believable despite a drastic improvement in the second half of the film. Zach, to put it nicely, was a dick to his brother for most of the film and the depth of story for the two was unnecessary as a teenage romance involving a teenage boy staring at a group of teenage girls was boring compared to the giant dinosaurs that were roaming the park. The brotherly bond improved once trouble started for them both and the other sub plots which in the end proved to be irrelevant were out of the way. The depth of sub plots gave a lot to think about through the film, with many sub plots that were relevant one minute, then forgotten the next.

Jurassic World Starlord vs Wilson FiskAlthough, some sub plots were extremely valuable and showed a new dimension to the franchise, offering new directions that the series could be taken in. Despite the film not necessarily having a cliff hanger, there is massive potential for more Jurassic World’s to be made (which they will after the huge opening weekend). Sub plots in the story allowed for more to be understood and also fill in the blank space that had been left between the previous films and this new one, showing what genetics lab had been doing whilst the park has been running, and also different motives for creating dinosaurs.

Jurassic World Johnson LapkusBarry (Omar Sy), Lowery Cruthers (Jake Johnson), Vivian (Lauren Lapkus) and Vic Hoskins (Vincent D’Onofrio) were all smaller roles however, were significant in their own ways, which really added to the experience and enjoyment of the film, particularly Johnson’s character, who was a humorous laid back tech-guy in the main control room overseeing the parks activity and also when thought about is probably one of the only characters that seemed qualified in their role. In all seriousness I don’t think there has ever been such military interest at any theme park.Jurassic World Masrani and Dr Wu

Jurassic World Indominus Rex MouthVisually, Jurassic World is exactly what you would expect, stunning. The CGI mostly is almost unnoticeable and even in the scene without CGI, the dinosaurs looks frighteningly realistic. It would be fair to say that the main audience of Jurassic World is children and the people that have seen the previous films. If a child, twelve and under, went to see this film they would be terrified I imagine. This isn’t a negative of the film, it’s just something that should be noted to give an impression of what the film is like.

Jurassic World Pratt, Blue, DeltaA large problem with the plot of the film is the unrealistic employees at the park, there are only a handful of animal/dinosaur experts and people used to working with animals throughout the whole film. This raises the questions about the practicality of Jurassic World, it’s not a spoiler or a surprise after seeing the staff at the theme park to reveal that the park turns into a hunting ground for some dinosaurs. The characters overall seem to link fairly well and are mostly incorporated from early on, not allowing for random new characters to just appear and have a pivotal role. This enabled the film to run smoothly generally, and all characters started to make their intentions and positions clear in regards to how dinosaurs should be used and strategies of how to keep everyone safe.

Potential sequel involving some original cast?
Potential sequel involving some original cast?

What Jurassic World really does well is leave a wide range of possible sequels. Without going into spoilers, there are a few different avenues that the next films could go down, Owen is a character I feel would have to be in any sequel, and after seeing how successful this new instalment has been it would be a nice touch for the old fans to see Dr Alan Grant (Sam Neil) and Dr Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) return. Dr Alan Grant, Owen Grady and Dr Ian Malcolm could potentially have an interesting and entertaining on-screen relationship. Depending on how they were incorporated it would also be interesting to see Alexis (Ariana Richards) and Tim Murphy (Joseph Mazzello) return, although the actors would likely be different depending on the profile the films could potentially have for those characters grown up.

Jurassic World Mr DNAThe film delivered after over ten years of development troubles, almost working better for it having an actor like Chris Pratt available. The film had some nice touches with the small cameo from Mr DNA (Colin Trevorrow), the little man that’s made out of DNA particles on the computer was in the originals and it was one nice to have connections to the original. There are other aspects to the film that connect to the original however I’ll leave that for you to find out yourselves. Visually the film is great and the dinosaurs really take a step up from the previous films, the idea behind customers demand and supply is very clever, something that will be understood more once the film has been seen. The relationship between Owen and Claire does carry the film at times, however their on screen chemistry works well and the film only benefits from it. There is a reason that this film has broken the record for the biggest opening weekend, I’m not sure that it’s as good as the money it’s made, however the money it has made all but guaranties future films.

Rating: 8.5


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