The Gallows (2015) Film Review

The Gallows

The Gallows is a found footage horror film (apparently) that is based on a high schools production of a show called the Gallows that went horribly wrong when a student, Charlie (Jesse Cross), died by hanging at the performance in front of an audience in 1993.

The story revolves around Reese Houser (Reese Mishler), Pfeifer Ross (Pfeifer Brown), Ryan Shoos (Ryan Shoos) and Cassidy Spilker (Cassidy Gifford) twenty years later. I think the idea was to have the actors play characters with the same name to make the film seem more realistic and go along with the found footage illusion. It failed. Along with the rest of the film.

CastReese and Pfeifer are performing in the school’s first performance of The Gallows since the disaster in 1993, Reese playing the same role as Charlie, the boy who passed away. Due to Reese’s bad acting his friend Ryan suggests they sabotage the show so it gets cancelled preventing Reese from getting embarrassed in front of his crush, Pfeifer. Ryan comes up with the idea of entering the high school in the middle of the night through a broken door he discovered earlier that day and destroying the set. Ryan’s girlfriend, Cassidy, insists that she comes along leading to the three of them entering the school and destroying the set. However they discover Pfeifer that conveniently gets out of explaining what she is doing in the high school in the middle of the night.

THE GALLOWSThe story continues with the four of them trapped in the school encountering strange noises and a lot of nothing. There are hundreds of films that have a poor story and filled with jump scares that can make it slightly entertaining however The Gallows doesn’t even have the jump scares. The basic fundamentals of the film don’t make sense and the majority of the story is unclear. Charlie doesn’t provide any scares for the most part, and the character itself is questionable with an unclear and confusing ending, however the film wasn’t being intentionally clever it was just inconsistent and isn’t interesting enough to leave the audience intrigued.

CassidyIt’s hard to find positives for such a mess of a film. I’ve always believed that horror films are hard to get right and that trailers aren’t a true interpretation of what the film will be like. I’d argue that the best part of The Gallows is the trailer with Cassidy and the red lighting. The story is poor, the acting is poor, the idea has been overused now and it’s time for a change away from found footage.

Rating: 3/10


The Purge: Anarchy (2014) Film Review

The Purge Anarchy is the sequel to The Purge (2013), and is set in a 2023 America where the newly founded American Government still have the annual Purge in effect. The Purge was generally seen as an interesting idea for a film however the first film turned into a standard house invasion thriller. It didn’t really explore all of the different aspects that could have been in the film. Now, this second film is exactly what everyone wanted from the first.
The-Purge-Anarchy Skull
The film follows three different stories, one about a police man, Leo Barnes (Frank Grillo), looking for revenge, a Mother and Daughters, Eva (Carmen Ejogo) and Cali Sanchez (Zoe Soul) and a couple, Shane (Zach Gilford) and Liz (Kiele Sanchez). In this thriller it demonstrates and really does have moments which leave you thinking ‘holy shit,’ and there are numerous jumpy scenes. The worst part about it is that some are very obvious but are still jumpy; you can’t help but be shocked by some of the scenes.
The_Purge_Anarchy Characters
Frank Grillo is the best character by far even though he plays a very cliché character in this film and is the main piece to the film that enables the story to link together. The team behind The Purge obviously learnt a lot from the original, as there is a vast improvement. This installment adds depth to the idea of the Purge and the way America could be if something like this was in place. There is an introduction to a rebellious anti-purge society that is publicly voicing its anger and informing everyone that they will be hunting the rich to try disrupt the purging that many of the rich would be taking part in.

What works well is the way that the characters all have different qualities and contribute different things at different times. It’s quite rare that the sub plots are also relevant and interesting but it shows a harsh truth of what life could be like if The Purge was a real thing (fortunately it’s not). Of course like every film, there are negatives, it does at times go from thrilling to boring, but it’s good enough to keep the viewer gripped.

The Purge 'GOD'

The people that are purging seemed to be the biggest improvement along with the story, some of the characters were really creepy, a lot of that was down to masks and the element of the ‘unknown’. Again there is a realistic feel to the fact that there is not just one threat, there are an unlimited number, it is all about survival. Overall the Purge is an exciting and thrilling film with a good concept, there is still room for improvement in many departments like depth and intelligence but this second part is heading in the right direction.

Rating: 7.8/10
The Purge Rengence

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014) Film Review


‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ continues 10 years after the events of ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ (2011). The world changed drastically as the ALZ-113 virus, now known as the Simian virus, claimed most of the world’s population leaving only humans who are genetically immune to survive after every country had fallen to its knees and collapsed. The Simian Virus had caused civil disorders and martial laws which contributed to economy’s around the world failing and society fading.

Caesar (Andy Serkis) is leading a new group of Apes, with some apes returning from the first film, they live in the Muir Woods as what Caesar describes as a ‘family.’ Throughout the film Caesar’s judgement, loyalty and trust is tested which is something that everyone can relate to. Caesar is such a popular character because of how ‘human’ he is, many humans naturally in life think about and look to the future, this is something that we see Caesar do a few times. Everyone looks up to Caesar, and the relationship he has with his fellow apes is strained when Humans are involved, especially Koba (Toby Kebbell), who we learn more about and see more of, but Caesar does show his ‘animal’ side when needed to.


Dreyfus (Gary Oldman) and Malcolm (Jason Clarke) are the two leaders of a group of survivors. The group are in desperate need of a power source due to having very little fuel left for generators. Unfortunately for the humans the Apes camp is near a reliable power source, a dam. When Malcolm, his wife Ellie (Keri Russell), his son with a previous wife Alexander (Kodi Smit-McPhee) , and two other members of the group, Foster (Jon Eyez) and Carver (Kirk Acevedo) go looking for the Dam’s station, Carver encounters two Apes, Blue Eyes, Caesar’s son (Nick Thurston) and Ash (Doc Shaw). In a needless panic Carver wounds one of the Apes with a bullet which sounds loud through the forest leading to many of the Apes being around the group in seconds. This as you can tell while watching was just the first of many tense and awkward encounters that the Apes and Humans were going to have.


Malcolm shows an understanding towards the Apes, appreciating that they are not ‘just Apes’ now. However not all feel the same and this film almost feels like a ticking time bomb waiting to go off, it’s very tense and has you gripped with anticipation. The sub plots are fairly poor, particularly the human ones, relationships are made complicated for no particular reason. Many of the difficulties that as an audience we are meant to sympathise about are not explained or detailed enough, fortunately they don’t have a large effect on the film.

The effects in ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ are brilliantly scary, the surroundings looking like something out of ‘The Last of Us’ or ‘I Am Legend.’ The Apes movement and behaviours are fantastic and really help take this film up a level, without the effects it’s hard to see the film competing but the story would hold its own without the effects.

Dawn-of-The-Planet-of-The-Apes (1)

Caesar has developed massively from the first and impresses throughout the film as he learns more about humans and Apes. Malcolm was a good character and the people developing the film did a great job in having someone influential in a human role after losing James Franco. The film shows a true and graphic interpretation on what life would really be like living in fear of Apes in a worn out, run down world. As good as the film is, not knowing what’s going to happen next is a key factor throughout and now knowing what happens, I’m not sure the film will have the same effect the second time I watch it. Although the film includes trust, family, friends, betrayal, hate and love it comes down to what humans and apes would do to survive?

Rating: 8/10

Edge of Tomorrow (2014) Film Review


Edge of Tomorrow is a film that’s based on a Japanese novel known as All You Need Is Kill, this clever science fiction action film is directed by Doug Liman. The film was surprisingly impressive, it wasn’t the typical action film it appeared to be and it seems the lack of interest may be because of that, or many people’s disliking of Tom Cruise.

In Edge of Tomorrow, the world has been at war against an alien species called Mimics for 5 years and it’s being sold to the public that humans are within touching distance of victory, however events don’t turn out how they’re meant to and an attack which takes place along the Normandy coastline goes wrong. The main characters William Cage (Tom Cruise) and Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) are among the troops sent in to fight for the United Defence Forces (UDF). William Cage is a cowardly Major in the Army who is sent to the beach against his will to fight against the Mimics, however the day starts again when he dies and they’re exactly the same.


Now obviously dying and then reliving the same day or being in a loop is not a new idea, and that alone is not what makes this film so good. The story is relatable and interesting, it makes you want to know and see more.  The fact that the main story is based on Cruise’s character looping back to the same day over and over sounds boring, but it’s far from it.

The films keeps the audience interested in what’s going to happen next and has a very good mixture of action and humour which can be something that’s hard to achieve. The story is nothing short of brilliant, it does have similarities to other films but not to an extent were you feel you’ve seen it before. Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt are both fantastic and make you feel like you’re on the ride with them. There aren’t many negatives for this film however there are times when it could be seen as a bit slow.

Tom Cruise shows why he is a top actor as his character develops and changes throughout the film. Due to the fact that he keeps repeating the same day you witness an emotional journey for Cruise’s character, and an interesting relationship that develops between Cage and Vrataski. Cruise and Blunt have great chemistry throughout the film and the story really supports that, the acting is believable from all actors in this film.


Edge of Tomorrow is most likely going to be one of the best films of this year and rightly so, I hope that the vast amount of positive reviews will lead to more people going to see it as it deserves a lot of praise. What is impressive is that although it’s a sci-fi film, it’s one of those that would still be enjoyed even if you’re not a huge fan of it.

Rating: 8.5/10

Edge of Tomorrow

Noah (2014) Film Review


(Spoilers, Sorry) This is a classic case of the trailer making the film look better than it actually is. I had been waiting for Noah to come out for a while as I came across it a while ago and I saw that Russell Crowe was playing Noah and I was excited to watch this movie. Unfortunately, I just did not get it, I’m sure that everyone knows the basic story of Noah’s Ark, and i’m pretty sure it was nothing like the film? I mean the basic concept was the same as in there is a man called Noah that is told by God, or in the film known as The Creator, to build an ark to save the innocent (animals) from the floods. I watched the first fifteen/twenty minutes and I genuinely felt a bit confused, not that the film is confusing, just to me personally it was not what I was expecting. The film is not all bad, I think some of it was filmed in Iceland and it is just beautiful, some of the scenes were unbelievable. I also liked some of the filming, there were these shots which I guess would be called mini jump cuts that were following this stream and as it goes along the stream the surroundings are changing, it was just really cool.


One huge positive for this film is some of the cast, Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly who plays Noah’s wife Naameh, Anthony Hopkins plays Noah’s grandfather Methuselah, Ray Winstone plays Tubal-Cain and Emma Watson plays Ila. I thought that Crowe’s performance, as usual, was phenomenal and was most likely the most believable performance in the film. There were times throughout the film that were meant to be emotional, touching and serious but sometimes were just a bit awkward and not in a good way. I liked the fact that Darren Aronofsky included some of his own ideas and changed it slightly, I am not saying I liked those ideas, but I liked the fact he had the guts to do that. Noah had three sons, Shem his oldest played by Douglas Booth, Ham played by Logan Lerman, and Japheth his youngest son played by Leo McHugh Carroll, out of the three Ham seems to get the most screen time and is also the son you learn most about, he’s a little rebellious against Noah and for good reason. There are these ‘Fallen Angles’ that are known as ‘Watchers’ which are in the Bible however in this film turn into giant stone Golem things when they disappoint The Creator, which I found a bit strange and they turned into giant stone warrior Golems things…yeah. As much as I liked Russell Crowe as Noah, i’m not really sure on how I felt about the film as a whole, there were times throughout the film where it was meant to be very sad but I was almost going the other way and finding it a bit funny due to the acting of Emma Watson, at times it felt forced rather than natural.

The film felt rather long, the film is around 2 hours and 20 minutes which is a long time for anyone. In the film they are on the ark for at least 9 months, and the man that is against saving all the animals and feels that people should be on the ark, Ray Winstone’s character Tubal-Cain, is hiding on the ark. I found this hard to believe in a film that was meant to be realistic and believable, because Noah, or his family had to go around the ark and put the animals to sleep with this scent that they created, how did they not spot him for over 9 months? Although, I thought that Ray Winstone’s performance was brilliant, he was a truly selfish man that was going to do anything for what he believed in, similar to Noah just on the opposite end of the spectrum.


As much as I think Anthony Hopkins is a great actor and he did a great job with Methuselah, the character in a realistic and believable world would just be seen as crazy. I won’t go into to much detail on what role he has to play or what he does in the film, but he is funny and just a tiny bit mad. Talking of crazy and mad, Noah was certainly that towards the end. It was slightly disturbing thinking about some of the things that Noah said he would do, all because of a dream. At one point of the film Noah allows a young woman to be crushed to death due to The Creator telling him that Humanity needs to end, he really was borderline psycho. However thinking about it, it is a really clever move from Aronofsky because at first you think it is just the simple Good vs Evil, Noah vs Tubal-Cain, but you start to question whether does Tubal-Cain have a point? Was Noah a little bit crazy and was taking things to far?

Overall I felt that this film was a bit of a let down, not that it was bad but after seeing the trailer and all the hype for it, sadly it just did not live up to expectations. Some strong performances from Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly and Ray Winstone kept the film entertaining at times. The film had some potentially good sub plots, unfortunately they were hard to connect to due to the way that the characterisation of Noah’s two sons was limited and we were almost more familiar with Emma Watson’s character, Ila. Some of the scenes and the special effects in the film are phenomenal, without them the film would have struggled to keep some people interested. The film makes you ask a lot of questions but it is also strange and could leave you wondering “what did I just watch?”



Rating: 6.5/10


Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) Film Review

Warning! Spoilers will be in this review, sorry!



Wow, would be a good word to describe this film because it’s crazy good. Many people I know are not too keen on Captain America, they think he’s boring and isn’t really a superhero, he’s just a man with a shield. Steve Rodgers’ Captain America (Chris Evans), for me, is what a superhero should be, he is a super-human, a normal man with enhanced human abilities. This is the second installment of Captain America and also the ninth installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), it is set about 2 years after The Avengers film. Steve Rodger’s is now working for S.H.I.E.L.D. and is on a mission, along with S.T.R.I.K.E. team and Natasha Romanoff/ Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), to rescue hostages from a S.H.I.E.L.D. ship which has been taken over by Georges Batroc and his fellow pirates. I found this beginning part of the film to be very distracting as the filming, in my opinion, was poor, the camera seemed to be shaking a lot and I am not sure if this was to add effect but it was annoying. During this operation, Cap learns that Natasha was actually on the mission for a different reason, to retrieve data from the computer systems on the ship. This was something that Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) had sent Natasha to do, which lead to Cap feeling disappointed and annoyed he was not informed of the full operation, it comes across that Cap does not trust Fury as much as he should considering he practically works for him.

This heated discussion between Cap and Fury leads to Fury informing Cap of the plans that S.H.I.E.L.D. have for an operation called Insight, which consists of three huge helicarriers (like seen in The Avengers) that create a triangle and within that triangle can prevent future threats. Cap does not agree with the plans and again seems to show a lack of trust in S.H.I.E.L.D. and Nick Fury. Fury then tries to access the files that Natasha had taken from the boat through the USB she downloaded them onto however it was not allowing him to access to the films, with the super smart technology stating that Nick Fury was the person to block him from opening it, strange. Uneasy and suspicious of S.H.I.E.L.D. Fury calls his close ally, Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) as he is on his way to meet with her due to the recent uncertainty of S.H.I.E.L.D’s new operation, Insight. On the way to meeting Hill, Fury’s car is attacked by Policemen in Police cars, however when Nick uses his intelligent computer built into his vehicle to locate the nearest Police they are not near, showing that the ‘Police cars’ that are chasing him are not the Police at all and are in fact working with the legendary Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan). Fury only just escapes with his life and heads towards Cap’s home.

This really sets the tone for the film, and it just seems to get better and better from there, I would say that this is probably my favourite out of the nine MCU films so far. For those who are familiar with the comics you will really appreciate some of the scene’s and characters in this film as they are brilliant, the relationship between Cap and The Winter Soldier is great, as much as Cap wants to do the right thing, he won’t hurt his old friend in the process and will try to find a way to do something without hurting him. The fighting scene between Cap and The Winter Soldier earlier in the film in the street was amazing, I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat. I have heard some criticism towards Sam Wilson better known as Falcon (Anthony Mackie) but I really enjoyed the way that he was introduced, I felt that it was a good way to do so without taking up the majority of the film to give him a back story. I also thought the introduction to Sharon Carter/ Agent 13 was really clever and sharp, again like Falcon did not use loads of time giving a back story, just presented the character; I expect that she will at some point in the films be Cap’s girlfriend as they are sometimes in the comics.


Make sure if you go to see this movie that you stay for BOTH of the post credit scene’s at the end, many people that have gone to see it have watched the first extra scene half way through the credits, however there is another after all the credits which shows The Winter Soldier looking at the facts in the Museum about himself, Bucky Barnes. Although, the big news comes from the mid-credit extra scene which shows a Hydra base and inside Baron Strucker bragging about how S.H.I.E.L.D. did not discover them and goes on to question whether it is time to release or activate the ‘twins’? Who are the twins, well I assume they are Pietro (Quicksilver) and the Wanda (Scarlet Witch) from what we see, although Scarlet Witch’s powers are vague in the comics. It is hard to predict what will happen with them both due to them originally being Mutant’s, as in X-Men Mutants but because of all the right’s and legal stuff they won’t be known as Mutant’s in any of the Marvel films for now. They are Magneto’s children, I think that this could become very complicated if they were to ever cross over as Quicksilver is meant to be in the new X-men movie played by another actor, but it’s exciting anyway! The Film also makes reference to Stephen Strange (Dr Strange) which would be incredible if they could introduce him into the MCU, I know many people have been hoping for a film, but I would settle for him being in any film, as long as it is good!


I did watch this film a while ago now so I may have forgot a few things, but this film was amazing and if you’re in to this kind of stuff do go and watch it if you already haven’t. Let me know what you thought of the film?




Thor: The Dark World (2013) Film Review

Thor the dark world

This is the second Thor film and it was pretty good, I enjoyed the first movie but I felt this was just a better all round film. The story worked well in relation to linking things together and helping the story develop, it did feel a bit lengthy at times, the film wasn’t over 2 hours but it felt longer than that. As much as I enjoyed the story I did feel like there was a lot going on, especially with the portals to the other worlds. The main villain in this film is Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) who is a brilliant character that’s played really well and the idea of him looking for revenge on Odin (Anthony Hopkins) is really emphasised.

I think my enjoyment of this film is increased by the fact that I love Thor as a character, I think he’s pretty bloody cool! Also Dr Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) is beautiful and I could watch a film with her in all day, so the fact it has both of those in, i’m happy before it’s even started. The film decided to show a bit of the Asgardian history which was a good move in my opinion, it seems that a majority of people, especially over the last 10 years, do like discovering the history and back story of heroes, however this has happened quite a bit in horror’s too recently. I like one of the messages that is sent in this film, your actions in the future will have a consequence.

I don’t want to talk to much about what actually happens in this film because at times it was predictable and if i start talking about specific things the plot will become clear. It’s not overly different from a typical action film really, there is and object or weapon that’s bad and the bad guys want it. However, the good guys are trying to keep it away from the bad guys, very predictable but not in a bad way. Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is amazing and really takes this film to another level, I would go as far to say that I enjoyed this film more than The Avengers movie. Oh (little spoiler) there is a funny scene with Loki and Thor where they are walking and Loki is trying to be better company for Thor and starts appearing as different characters which includes Captain America which is a really cool part and showed some brotherly banter.

I think if you liked the first then you’ll love this second, it’s different in the way that you seem to learn more about Loki than you do Thor which was a really bold move that paid off. I’m not sure if this happens at the end of all Marvel but I love it at the end when it just reads ‘Thor will return’. I wasn’t fortunate enough to see this at the cinema but if I had I probably would have gone numerous times. Let me know what you thought of Thor: The dark world, did you like it? Did anything disappoint you?


Rating: 8/10

The Cabin In The Woods (2012) Review


WARNING, there are a few spoilers in this. Sorry.

This was a good solid film that is enjoyable, however when looked at in depth there were a few things that I wasn’t keen on. Through this film I felt like I was watching a film I had been seen before, the main example being the scene when a character is reading from a book, which summons some Zombie-like creatures (sound like The Evil Dead much?). Anyway the film was about five college students  Dana Polk (Kristen Connolly), Holden McCrea (Jessie Williams), Marty Mikalski (Fran Kranz), Jules Louden (Anna Hutchison), and Curt Vaughan (Chris Hemsworth) that are all going to stay in a cabin…in the woods. However all is not what it seems as Gary Sitterson (Richard Jenkins) and Steve Hadley (Bradley Whitford) are senior staff in controlling everything that happens, even drugging the students through the air vents to influence them to do certain things.

In this fairly fast paced film, the story is laid out pretty well for the audience without it having to give a huge speech at the end, a lot of the story is given when the security guy, Truman (Brian White), for the senior staff area which has Hadley and Sitterson in, asks a few questions which seem realistic if someone was in his situation which gives away a lot of the plot. This was good because it’s disappointing when you have the ‘bad guy explaining everything at the end’ cliche however, the end is made more complicated and gave the film more depth than needed and ended up needing the ‘bad guy explaining everything at the end’ cliche, which I will talk a little more about later. This film is an odd one for me personally, it’s entertaining and I don’t ever remember being bored throughout which must be a good thing, however I wasn’t overly impressed. Whilst watching this film it did feel like someone had taken many different ideas from other titles and put them into one film, another film that I felt this was similar to was Thirteen Ghosts in regards to the cage/box’s that were holding many monster type things under ground and having structures move around like one big puzzle.

One thing that the film did do very well was make it kinda funny, which i’m hoping it was meant to do because Marty was probably the funniest guy in the film. He was the typical ‘stoner’ character and did make this film considerably more enjoyable, with a few funny moments coming from the other characters too. There were times when I felt like it wasn’t scary enough, the film was never scary for me, I can imagine people would be scared by zombies, but I didn’t find it scary at all and I didn’t feel like it tried to be scary which is what’s most puzzling for me.

I enjoyed the film more than the story, I felt that it had so much depth towards the end that it didn’t have enough time for the audience to fully understand the idea of the ‘ancient ones.’  Did we really need the ‘ancient ones’ in this film? It could have just been a crazy idea which I think would have made it a bit more shocking, it almost went a bit Sci-Fi towards the end. I’ve got nothing against this film as I probably would watch it again, but I’d probably still get a little mad at the ending. Overall this film is good, I’m not keen on the fact that it’s taken many good things and put them into one because many people i know and many things i’ve seen about this movie claim this makes it original, well in my opinion it doesn’t make it original at all, it’s basically copying someone else (I appreciate that most ideas have been taken for the Horror Genre). I wish I had gone to see the first 80-85 minutes in the cinema and missed the end because for me it did ruin it a little. Cabin in the Woods was good, the ending let it down but it was still decent and it’s still watchable even though I know the ending sucks, I probably will buy it on DVD.

Rating: 7/10

Godzilla Trailer Review


So, I’ve just seen the new trailer for Godzilla which is released in May some time I believe and if I wasn’t excited after the first trailer (which I was!) I am now. I’m getting the feeling that the story for this is going to be good, it’s clear that there is going to be at least two sub-plots but overall by the looks of the two trailers so far they’re not giving much away although giving more away in this second trailer.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the film is a bit like the recent King Kong, there is a bit of story before you actually see Godzilla, which I think would be great, I don’t like it when the audience gets too familiar with the villain sometimes. Godzilla is meant to be shocking, if you see it all the way through the film the fear will be lost a bit.

We now know that in this interpretation Godzilla is awoken by ‘bomb testing’ that was actually humans trying to kill Godzilla in the sea in 1954, and that there is a big question around whether anything the humans have can kill Godzilla. There are some phenomenal scenes in this trailer, scenes that I cannot wait to see on the big screen.

This is one of the films I cannot wait to see this year and I’m more excited after seeing the trailer. The film is coming out in IMAX 3D as well as 2D on the 16th of May I think.

So after doing some research and watching the trailer a few more times, towards the end there is a weird giant leg thing that we see and It seems there will be another monster or monsters in this movie? I’m not sure if it’s confirmed and I’ve no idea what monsters they will be but it would be pretty insane, I was looking forward to this movie before but now I think it’s going to be epic. I just hope the film lives up to the trailers.

The Lego Movie (2014) Movie Review


Everything is awesome (a joke you’ll understand when you watch it), but in all seriousness everything is awesome. The cast for this film is nothing short of great with Morgan Freeman, Will Farrell, Channing Tatum, Liam Neeson, Elizabeth Banks, Jonah Hill, Will Arnett and Chris Pratt, just to name few, all voicing in this film. The stories main character, Emmet Brickowski (BRICKowski, Chris Pratt), is just an ‘ordinary guy’ and there really is nothing special about him which is what’s so good about him. I think the film had been on for maybe one minute before I started laughing and I don’t remember going more than 5 minutes without laughing, this was a truly funny film, but to say it’s just funny doesn’t do the whole film justice. The story is basic but it’s not boringly basic, this is obviously due to the fact that the film is aimed at a younger audience however there are parts to this movie that accommodate adults, almost to the extent that an adult may enjoy the film more than a child.

As I said before Emett is a plain boring man, that somehow still has you laughing, the characters positive attitude is brilliant and hilarious. I was shocked at how funny and interested I was from the start. Morgan Freeman’s character Vitruvius, an old wizard, opens the film battling the films main villain, Lord Business/President Business (Will Farrell), who is striving for the world to be perfect and extremely structured. This worked well with the idea that people should promote creativity which I believe was one of the films main morals, which is nice for young children, we must not forget this is a child’s movie even though I loved it, there are no big plot twists or deep thinking needed, it’s all laid out in front of you and it’s superb.

It was fun to see the inclusion of some huge characters from other films, famous people from history and sports star’s. Superman, Green Lantern, Gandalf, Dumbledore and Shaquille O’Neil all appear and all provide at least one funny bit to the hundreds that are throughout this movie. Batman (Will Arnett) is one of the main characters along with Emett, Lucy/Wildstyle (Elizabeth Banks) and Vitruvious, who are the main four, but this main group does grow as the film develops and you’re introduced to some new and interesting characters. These Characters added with Good Cop/Bad Cop (Liam Neeson), really helps the contrast of characters to work well. I do think that Will Arnett deserves a lot of credit for Batman, his voice was brilliant for the role and really had great comical timing, which comes down to the script and stuff as well which is great by the way, lots of harmless fun.

There are characters in this film like Lucy, Vitruvious, Batman and so on that are known as Master Builder’s, they have the ability to create and build things with whatever is around them by seeing the calculations in their mind. The story works off of a prophecy that there is an individual that is known as the ‘Special,’ that will find a special block that is extremely important. This film sends a great message that you don’t need to be special to be special, everyone can be special in their own way, I would recommend going to see this film, however I didn’t see it in 3D and i’m not sure how it would have made the film any better, probably one of the best films so far this year and probably will still be one of the best by the end of the year. I would recommend watching this, let me know what you thought of it?